Receipt of Toyota Awards

Zenith Automotive received no less than 2 awards for their efforts in 'Supply' & 'Project Management'

We strive for high quality and this did not go unnoticed by Toyota. 


For our efforts in ‘Supply’ and ‘Development’, we received 2 awards from Toyota in recognition of our efforts.


📜 Award 1 for significant contribution in 2021 in the area of ‘SUPPLY’.
📜 Award 2 for the significant contribution in 2021 in the field of ‘Project Management’.


We would like to thank Toyota because they keep us on our toes by questioning us and implementing quality controls. 


This creates constructive and instructive dialogues that allow us to further improve with new insights where necessary.


The continuous quality adjustment ensures an increase in the quality of our processes and products. The most important result is ‘a satisfied customer who receives products that meet their requirements’. 


And we want to go even further than that, preferably exceeding customer expectations. 


With the Awards and the recognition of our efforts as a company, our team already has a strong motivation to continue working towards these goals.