OTM-Zenith receives sectoral quality label ‘Recognised Internship Company’

Great news, because for the first time we received the sectoral Q-label from GRAFOC as ‘Recognised Internship Company’. OTM-Zenith was proud to receive this label this week.

GRAFOC is the sectoral career fund of and for people in print media, with a focus on training, education and research. PrintmediaJobs and Internships is part of GRAFOC, aimed at those who work or want to work in the print media industry. 160 companies with graphic activities can now call themselves Erkens Internship Company.

“Internships offer opportunities for pupils, students, job seekers and your company!” according to PrintmediaStages. A statement that we fully support at OMT-Zenith.

We have therefore taken this seriously and have been focusing on this for some time, with the result that we have obtained official recognition as a valuable internship company through the label.

We now offer qualitative and diverse internships for course participants and students in the print media sector. By giving them good on-the-job training, we want to motivate them to become good at their job. We hope that it will give our trainees a lot of security in the labor market in the long term. In addition to our familiarity with the high quality, we also want to pass on important company values to them at the same time. Where we as a company like to make a difference to our interns. We accept them as a fully-fledged employee, in return we expect engagement, inquisitiveness and commitment. An attitude that will push them upward in the further career.

In this way we also contribute to increasing employment in the print media sector without compromising quality. Strengthening ties with schools is also an added value.

In a labor market where good workers are increasingly becoming a scarcity, it is also a win-win for our company to apply a high-quality internship policy. We sow so that we can enjoy a valuable harvest later on.

This takes time and is at the same time an instructive experience for us. The fact that we receive recognition for this is a great incentive and motivation to continue to focus on this. Thanks to all the godmothers and godparents who ensure the good guidance of these trainees.

Proud that we will have our label for the next 2 years, it will already have a prominent place in our company!